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Grass pollen discharging granules on exposure to water - picture by Dr H Morrow Brown

Dust Mite - picture by Dr H Morrow Brown

Dr H Morrow Brown MD
General Medical Council Registered Specialist
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Finding Answers

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Articles in this Section

Investigating the Home Environment

  • How to use the Peak Flow Meter to Investigate the Environment
  • Investigating Dust from the Patient’s own Environment
  • Measuring the speed of release of allergens from dust
  • Microscopical Examination of House Dust samples

Other Causes of Allergic Problems in the Home

The Story of Acarosan

Dietary Manipulation

  • Dietary Manipulation

'Desensitisation' or 'Immuno Therapy'

  • The History of Desensitisation

  • The History of Desensitisation in England

  • The Freeman dosage schedule

  • 'Rush Inoculation'

  • The British Desensitisation Disaster

  • Personal experience with Desensitisation - a Historical Note?

  • The Rebreathing Broncho-test

  • The future of Desensitisation Therapy

Sub Lingual Immuno Therapy (SLIT)

  • Introduction
  • Selection of Volunteers
  • Materials and Methods
  • Dosage of SLIT
  • Titration of Skin Sensitivity
  • Immunological Studies
  • Long term results
  • Summary and Conclusions

"It is a paradox that while Britain has the highest incidence of allergic disease in the world, it also has the most inadequate allergy service"

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