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Grass pollen discharging granules on exposure to water - picture by Dr H Morrow Brown

Dust Mite - picture by Dr H Morrow Brown

Dr H Morrow Brown MD
General Medical Council Registered Specialist
for Allergy and Respiratory Medicine


Allergy Concepts

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Allergy Concepts
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Rhinitis & Hay Fever
Children & Infants
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Articles in this Section

Tests for Allergies

  • Skin testing
  • The meaning of skin test reactions
  • Special Tests for Environmental Possibilities
  • Blood tests
  • Cytology tests
    (Microscopic examination of cells from the patient)
  • Bronchial and Nasal Provocation Tests
  • Challenge Tests for Food Allergies
  • Challenge Tests for Diagnosis of Food Intolerance

Occupational Allergies

  • Allergy to Insects
  • Laboratory workers
  • Hairdressers
  • Healthcare Personnel
  • Nickel Eczema
  • Allergy to wood dusts

Examples of Multiple and Unusual Allergies

  • IBS, Migraine, and skin reactions due to nail reviver, milk, and wheat
  • A case of Multiple Inhalant and Food allergies
  • A Fishy Tale “Bloodworms” cause Swollen Face and Conjunctivitis !!
  • Sexercise asthma?
  • Allergy to Alcoholic Drinks
  • Emotional Asthma
  • A Complex case of Asthma and Dyslexia due to Milk and Moulds
  • Yeast Allergy and Intolerance
  • A Reaction to a Herbicide used round the School
  • Allergy to Legumes in a small boy

"It is a paradox that while Britain has the highest incidence of allergic disease in the world, it also has the most inadequate allergy service"

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